LEARNING BY SHARING SHARING BY LEARNING There are a number of benefits of participating in the Military Police Lessons Learned Portal and being a member of our Military Police Lessons Learned Community of Interest, including:

  • solving problems,
  • developing new capabilities,
  • leveraging best practices,
  • standardizing practices,
  • institutionalizing best practices,
  • time-saving,
  • increasing skill sets,
  • avoiding mistakes,
  • creating new knowledge.

Additionally, the Portal will strengthen the MP LL COI by engaging in socialised learning groups of people and institutions who have common goals interacting with each other. In the military context, it will give opportunities to interact including free of charge VTC working level meetings in e.g. MP LL Capability Group and, of course, direct communication.

All of the above-stated benefits for MP Community will be achieved by MPLLP free of charge for its members.