The Military Police Lessons Learned Community of Interest (MPLLCOI)

Respectful Colleagues - distinguished Members of the Military Police Lessons Learned Community of Interest (MPLLCOI),

On behalf of the NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence (NATO MP COE) Director Col Grzegorz WASIELEWSKI and as the Military Police Lessons Learned Capability Team (MPLLCT) Leader, I have an honour to announce that the NATO Military Police Lessons Learned Community of Interest has been officially established and recognized by ACT as an existing entity in NATO.

We have received the document signed by the SACT ACOS officially approving our MP LL COI.
Furthermore, let me also stress that mentioned document is not only to establish the MP LL COI on NATO Lessons Learned Portal, but also to introduce an official way to make our MP LL COI recognizable amongst NATO and PfP.

It is vital to remember that the MP LL COI establishment would not have been possible without your continuous support given to that project. I would like to express our highest gratitude for your active participation in that process, especially for your presence at 1st Military Police Lessons Learned Conference and Annual Tactical Lessons Learned Forum, both organised and conducted by the NATO MP COE for our COI. I believe that the official establishment of the NATO MP LL COI is a milestone for our fruitful current and future co-operation in MP-related LL area.

Having in mind that the NATO MP LL COI is created for all MPLLCOI members, I would be grateful if you could provide me with your requirements, needs, remarks etc. concerning the most preferable content of our unique place on NLLP.

 LTC Rafał Szczypński