Annual MP LL Conference 2015



The Military Police Lessons Learned Conference  on

“Road to the future MP capabilities development through experience from recent deployments”

organized by the NATO MP COE is planned to take place

on the NATO MP COE premises in  Bydgoszcz, Poland

on 07 - 10 December 2015. 

Invitation Letter

Joining Report

Administrative Info



1. Location

NATO Military Police Centre of Excellence, ul. Szubińska 105, 85-915 Bydgoszcz, Poland.

2. Conference timing

The Conference starts on 07 DEC (arrival day, hosted ice-breaker at 19:00) and finishes on 09 DEC at 17:00 (optionally on 10 DEC Conference might be continued depending on participants’ inputs to the agenda), local time.

3. Participants

Participants attending the Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference shall be servicemen regardless of rank or position. The MP community is kindly requested to support

the event by delegating representatives with adequate level of experience 

and knowledge regarding the Conference subject.

4. Aim

The aim of the hereby Annual Military Police Lessons Learned Conference is to challenge 

an attempt to shape future MP capabilities by referring to LL deriving from experience acquired during deployments within all types of missions and multinational exercises in the context 

of the potential upcoming NATO-led operations.

5. Objectives

With the aim of creating a firm grounding and baseline for discussions, the following objectives have been assumed:

  1. Introduce LL from European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) engagements and Multinational Military Police Battalion (MNMPBAT) exercise-based deployments;
  2. Deliver briefings on how EGF & MNMPBAT perceive the MP employment in the upcoming Article 5-oriented operations. This should form the basis from which two discussion panels are to stem from;
  3. Share available LL useful in the context of MP units’ role as part of a transforming NATO Response Force (incl. Very High Readiness Joint Task Force - VJTF); 
  4. Formulate key recommendations for future deployments upon the outcome deriving from the Conference (MPLL Conference Report); 
  5. Enhance interoperability within MP COI;
  6. Overview recent MP LL COI initiatives (MP LL CT, ATLLF, MP LL Portal).

6. Language


7. Security

The Conference will be held in an unclassified area; The security classification

for this event will be NATO UNCLASSIFIED/Releasable to PfP; No external devices

(mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc.) are allowed during the meeting. There is an opportunity 

to leave them and secure in the safe boxes.

8. Registration

It is mandatory to confirm an attendance by returning a completed “Joining Report”. Here is  Joining Report to be downloaded and after being filled in, it must be sent to the OPR for further registration purpose. Please provide us with a completed JR form by sending it to the OPR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NLT 16 November 2015.    

9. In-processing

080815DEC2015L, NATO MP COE.

10. Transportation

No transport support from/to airports; Details concerning possible transportation are available 

in Admin Info (annex 3 to Invitation Letter). Transportation is provided between the Przystań Hotel and the Conference venue.    

11. Conference fee

200 PLN (approx.. 45 EUR) for each participant. The respective fee will be collected during 

the In-processing. We accept only PLN in cash.

12. Accommodation

Przystań Hotel - Reception Desk

Ul. Tamka 2

82-105 Bydgoszcz

Phone: +48 52 585 96 01

Fax: +48 52 585 96 10

Hotel web page:

Reservation email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When booking, please specify the code “MPLLC”, in order to take advantage 

of the NATO MP COE negotiated price: 170 PLN/single room (approx.. 42 EUR). This price includes: breakfast, Wi-Fi.

Parking: the hotel has a car park that is free of charge for its guests.

Participants are not obliged to use the pre-booked hotel. However, if you decide to choose another hotel be aware that these details must be included in your JR (under “Accommodation”).

An alternative accommodation is “The NATO Hotel” that is situated in the vicinity 

of the NATO MP COE premises (the Conference venue). If you decide 

to choose this option, specify it in your JR. Further arrangement will be completed 

via the OPR.

Type of rooms:

a)seventeen four-bed rooms: 20 PLN for a bed (80 PLN for a room),

b)three double rooms: 32 PLN for a bed (64 PLN for a room),

c)four single rooms: 72 PLN or 90 PLN (depending on the square meters).

Way of payment: credit card or in cash (only PLN)

The Hotel provides access to:

a)kitchen annexes equipped with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, plates, cutlery, glasses;

b)laundry room with washing machines;

c)recreation room equipped with a projector, a screen and TV;


The Hotel does not provide:

a)breakfast or any other meals;

b)toiletries, such as: shower gel, etc.;

c)laundry detergents;

d)vending machines.

13. Meals

At one’s own costs. It is proposed to dine at the “DEDAL” Restaurant that is housed at the IKAR HOTEL (in the vicinity of the Conference venue). Please specify it in the Joining Report 

by marking a day you wish to have lunch for 30 PLN (approx. 8 EUR). 

The meal charge will be collected separately on the first day of the event (cash only). In case you have special food requirements (diet etc.) please include details in your Joining Report (under “Applicant’s additional needs–Other”).

14. Dress code

Daily service uniform;

Smart casual for social event. 

 15. Social events

Hosted Ice-breaker – 07.12.15, 1900 – 21.00, Restaurant, PRZYSTAŃ Hotel.    

17. Officer of Primary Responsibility

OF-3 Łukasz WAGA (POL MP)

phone:+48 261 411 086

mobile: +48 571 271 514


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.